For your consideration we have a litter anticipated in mid-April 2011.  A mulitpurpose litter bred for quality, health and performance.  Both parents are talented and willing flatcoats who are great family companions and wonderful dogs to train, in obedience, in the field and in agility.  
      Gauge has been an amazing performance dog. He is smart, willing and self confident, which enabled him to complete his OTCH (Obedience Trial Championship) at 2 years of age. He is well put together and athletic.  He loves agility and is currently working on his Mach.  In the field the original goal was a JH, but he and his owner got hooked and he will be running in Master this summer.  Gauge finished his championship this spring with two majors at the large Louisville Cluster.
     Ripple is a medium sized bitch.  She has proven herself and excellent performance dog and upland hunting companion.   She comes from a litter containing multiple champions, agility and high and trial dogs.  
     Both  Gauge and Ripple are first and foremost much loved companion dogs to their owners.  

Sire: CH OTCH Remington Twelve Gauge Shotgun OM1 SH MX MXJ WCX
Gauge going High in Trial at the 2009 FCRSA National Specialty
  Gauge Head Shots.
"Gauge" will be bred to "Ripple"
Dam: UH Grousemoor Almosteden Ripple CD SH OA OAJ NF WCX
Ripple in the holding blind at the 2010 National Specialty
A successful retrieve
Going to the blind

Ripple and Gauge welcomed 7 new babies on April 16, 2011. There are 4 Females and 3 Males. Ripple has been enjoying her time here.  When not in her box with the babies she is watching over everyone and keeping her agility skills intact by sitting on the kitchen table an   overseeing everything going on in the house.  The table is in the same room as the whelping box. .


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

 CH OTCH Remington Twelve Gauge Shotgun

OFA-FR-4788G54M-PI, elbows FR-EL1810M54-VPI,
Patella FR-PA1606/64M-VPI,
Eyes FR 2712 10/17/10

Ch. HRCH Gamekeeper's
Black Hawk MH WCX
Ch. Amani's Windfall Magic CD MH WCX HOF ***
Ch. Flatford Major Obsession JH NA WC
Hob-B Night Squall CDX MH AX MXJ WCX Ch. Grousemoor Highflying Pete CD SH WCX
Ch. Hob-B's Renaissance Review CDX SH WCX


 UH Grousemoor   Almosteden 
 Ripple CD SH OA OAJ
hips FR4527G39F-VPI, elbows, FR-EL1573F39F-VPI,
Patellas FR-PA 1383/39F/P-VPI, Eyes,
ACVO normal 1-11
Ch. Windfall's Habanero UD TD MH WCX ***
Ch. Amani's Windfall Magic CD MH WCX HOF ***
Ch. Windfall's Charisma UD MH WCX HOF ***
Ch. Grousemoor Doublemint JH WC Ch. Artic Sun's Wingover Chat CD MH WCX***

Ch. Fleetwing Grousemoor E'lan OA OAJ






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